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Katherine Huffman, MA
Certified Migraine Prevention Counselor, American Migraine Preventin Study Coordinator
Katherine suffered from migraine headaches since the age of six. She has been completely migraine free since 2001. 
You can contact Katherine directly at katherine@completebodysculpting.com

Katherine is our Lead Coach and Clinical Study Coordinator.  She has a passion to help counsel others toward migraine freedom. Katherine suffered from migraine headaches since the age of six.  Throughout her life, her actions and relationships have been ruled by excruciating pain and the fear of it.  As a child and young adult, she was sent to every type of physician (neurologist, chiropractor, allergist) for treatment and testing.  No medication or technique ever completely alleviated her migraine.  The longest she ever went without a migraine was a few weeks, which was quite rare and short-lived.  She was given many dangerous medications that had life-changing ramifications and resulted in several hospitalizations.  The medications still never got rid of her migraines.

In 1999 she found SeratoninTM and the healthy eating program that accompanies it.  Within two weeks of taking the supplements, she was completely migraine free.  Within two months, she was pregnant.  Her OB-GYN approved the ingredients of SeratoninTM as safe to take during pregnancy, so she was cautiously optimistic while remaining migraine free.  She had an excellent pregnancy with no complications and gave birth to a healthy baby girl, while still remaining migraine free.

Now, years later, she has two healthy little girls.  She was able to take the formula during both pregnancies and nursing both children.  She has been completely migraine-free every since. She continues to take the supplements daily and watch my dietary triggers.


John Carvalho, MBA, LREP, CMPE
Founder and President
John founded Dynamic Health Resources in 1997 to develop innovative strategies for prevention and disease intervention products & services.
You can contact John directly at JCarvalho@MBSolu.com 

After years developing medical services, John believes rising health care costs and many chronic conditions can only truly be reversed through education, prevention and instilling motivation for better self care. Modern medicine and pharmaceuticals do a good job with acute illnesses, but seem at best only to manage many chronic diseases.  

Oddly John has never experienced a migraine or anyone in his family.  "I was originally hired do a clinical evaluation for this migraine prevention product and protocol.  Seeing the results and the tremendous positive impact that preventing migraines can have on individuals and their families is inspiring and keeps me motivated to continue working to help others."

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