Dynamic Health Resources encourages questions and has found that those who engage with questions tend to achieve better migraine prevention results sooner!

Very likely. Migraines are caused by acute serotonin depletion. Serotonin depletion is caused by a variety of sources, including foods, environmental triggers, stress, hormonal imbalances, and many others. When an individual has low serotonin to begin with, they are often able to live without pain but often have other symptoms of low serotonin such as difficulty sleeping and depression. When a trigger is introduced (hormone, weather change, sensitivity to food), the serotonin levels dip even lower, resulting in a loss of vasomotor control and triggering a migraine. Because this program helps the body to produce its own serotonin in adequate and consistent amounts, there should be enough serotonin available when a trigger is introduced. When the body/brain has enough available serotonin, persons are less susceptible to all triggers.

That is true. Serotonin molecules are too large, but the precursors are small enough and can easily cross through the blood/brain barrier with the proper transportation assistance. 5-HTP, is a precursor that is needed by your body to manufacture serotonin.

As a side note, about 90% of serotonin is found in your digestive system. When you have digestive problems, like most migraine sufferers, essential nutrients to produce serotonin are diverted to your digestive system, thus further depriving your brain of serotonin.

Many migraine sufferers have tried avoiding trigger foods, often with little success. Most become frustrated and convinced that they do not have any food triggers. This program is different for a few reasons. To begin, we ask that participants avoid all listed potential food triggers while starting supplements and detoxification. As migraines become less frequent, one new food is introduced every 3-4 days while tracking this progress in a food journal. This process is crucial as a trigger can cause serotonin depletion as far after ingesting/exposure as 72 hours.

This program is also different in that most patients see a significant reduction or elimination in migraines during the first month or two. When participants become migraine free before adding foods back, it is much easier to target which specific foods that person is sensitive to. Every person is sensitive to a different combination of foods, so finding and eliminating only the necessary ones can allow them to enjoy not only a migraine-free life, but freedom to make a wider variety of food choices without the fear of headaches. Lastly, this program provides unlimited support and coaching for anyone involved in the program. Educated and certified coaches are available to help with any questions about migraine prevention.

No, although we have physicians that do work with the program and regularly refer patients, it is not essential that you come to the program through your physician.

Yes. Many of our participants start the program while still taking medications to prevent migraines. Participants often find that they feel less depressed, sleep more soundly, and have decreased or eliminated migraine pain. Many of them, under the guidance of a physician, are able to taper off medications. Every individual is different, and we do not encourage participants to ever decrease medications without first consulting the treating physician.

This program has been in existence for more than twenty years and has seen tremendous success in the prevention of migraines and other serotonin-deficient conditions. One research study, conducted by Eastern Virginia Medical School, found favorable results and suggested further, larger studies.